Dec 23, 2014

Another Schedule Announcement

Hey, y'all.  I know we just changed the schedule to less frequent posts, but I'm here to break more bad news to you: this season is insane.  yeah, you probably knew that already, but seriously.  We just can't keep up.

There are a number of things going into this decision.  The first is that it's Christmas time.  This is probably the most hectic, crazy, insane, chaotic, psychotic time of year.  Period.  Second, we're teenagers.  If you are or have been one of those, you should know that we've got busy lives, what with the books to read, video games to play, meals to eat, naps to take, hotties to text... seriously, it's hard enough to work in a blog around all of that without the holiday season making everything ten times worse.

With this said, we're going to put posts on hold until after the holiday season.  We're going to start back up with the previously announced schedule in the first full week of January.  See you then!!

-Sam Kirst

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