Oct 2, 2015

Fun with Questions! (Blog Award: Sisterhood of the World)

Hello, dear readers! This is E.C. Jaeger, and I'm going to take a break from my rather serious style today and have some fun with a blog award. Thanks to Alyssa over at The Honeydrop Post for the nomination! Her blog is sweet. It has the color orange on it, which makes me particularly happy. And she talks about cool stuff like beta readers and how to write unique characters. Click ze link and see for yourself! :D
This is my first blog award, so we'll see how it goes. First things first, here are the...
 Award Guidelines:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post the link to their blog.
2. Answer the questions that the blogger has provided.
3. Nominate four other bloggers.
4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

Alyssa's questions for me (and my answers):
1. What is the one thing that you own that you would LOVE to be able to get rid of, but you can’t bring yourself to give away?
Um, my childhood toys...almost all of them... :] I love them too bits (some literally) but I want to get rid of them...but I can't stand the thought of someone else playing with them. D:
2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
EVERYWHERE!!! :D Seriously though, there's no way I could ever pick a first choice. Maybe Israel. After that, everywhere. I will say though that most of my top choices are rather unconventional choices, such as Albania and Mongolia.
3. What is the last song that you listened to?
I think it was Breaking Down from Vultures, Disciple's new EP. A very great song.
4. Who is your favorite book character?
Well, currently my favorite book character is from a not-yet published book. His name is Danny*. I identify with him very much.
5. Do you dream in color?
6. If you could have one skill for a day that you’ve never had, what would it be?
Time-travel. And I would go into the past, not the future. And probably if I had that skill, I could make that one day last for...much longer than one day. >:P
7. If someone based a character in a movie/book/play off of you, who do you think it would it be?
I'm that boring, shy, wallflower character who you kind of wonder why the author even put them in the book. And then they die. :D Honestly, I have thought about this for years and there aren't many characters who I think are like me. The closest I can think of who is well-known is Cress from The Lunar Chronicles, but the similarities only go so far.
8. What is your favorite sound?
For as long as I can remember, my favorite sound has been the rich, keening, depthless, heightless, heart-waking voice of the cello.
9. What ten words would you use to describe your ultimate dream home?
Fairytale castle [in the] mountains [with a] library, [house-wide] sound system [that plays music anywhere and everywhere whenever I want], portals [throughout the house that take me (Blue-skadoo-style) into other] worlds, stories [and] places. (Yeah I'm sure I cheated there...*shrugs* Sorry about that.)
10. What is one wish of yours that you want to come true before you die? (Spill your deepest desires out, here. Dream BIG. It’s the best way to get anything done, you know.)
I want to go to helpless people whom no one else will/can go to, and save their lives.

Whew! Those were some awesome, fun, challenging questions! Now I must come up with my own list. I think I shall go for a literary theme, eh?

My questions for the nominees:
1. If you were stuck forever in any story, which one would you like to be stuck in the most?
2. Of all the villains and antagonists you have ever encountered in any story, which one would you least like to meet in real life?
3. Who is your favorite animal character? (And no dragons. Only certified members of Kingdom Animalia, please. ;P)
4. If you could ask advice from any fictional character in any story ever, which character would you ask advice from?
5. Do you prefer plot-driven stories (where there is more focus on what is happening outside the characters) or character-driven stories (where there is more focus on what is happening inside/between the characters)? (Most books fall somewhere in between, but weigh slightly heavier on one or the other side of the scale.)
6. What author's writing style would you most like to emulate in your own writing? (Note: I don't mean their style of story or characters. I'm talking about the way they talk, the way they bend language to their will.)
7. If you could be the sidekick (best friend, assistant, annoying shadow) of any hero/heroine in any story, which hero/heroine would you choose? (It doesn't matter if said hero/heroine already has a sidekick or not. You get to replace them. Muahaha.)
8. Characters have a tendency to make mistakes or choices that you would never make. If you could change one mistake/choice of one character from any story, what would it be?
9. Which fictional piece of technology would you most like to own?
10. You know that character you really want to be like? Which one quality of his/hers do you desire to emulate most?

*snickers* Good luck with those! :D And I am nominating...

I hope you guys have fun! I know I did. Hey, if any of you readers out there are intrigued, I'd love to see your answers to one or all of the questions you see in this post! Join in down in the comments. :D 

*He is from a book Alyssa (yes, the Alyssa who nominated me) is working on, incidentally.

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