Feb 12, 2015

Short Stories by Christian Teens for God's Glory -- Presenting A New Song Anthology

Short Stories by Christian Teens for God's Glory
Happy mid-week, everybody! Today I thought I'd spread the word about A New Song, an effort to put together an anthology of short stories by Christian teens. Our friend Firn Hyde instigated the plan, and took me on as a co-editor in December. A bunch of us here at In The Character's Shadow will be copy-editing submissions as well.

A New Song's mission is "to glorify our beloved King of Kings: the Triune God Who exists in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We aim to bring Him praise and glory, and to inspire, encourage and touch His people – that being everyone. We plan to collect between 12 and 20 works of short fiction by teenage writers, giving them a chance to showcase their passion and talent. The anthology will be digitally self-published as an e-book of approximately 90,000 words, with a planned publication date of January 2016. Plans are under way to find illustrators and a published author to write a foreword for us. If you are interested in contributing to A New Song – in any way whatsoever – please leave a comment or contact us." 

The inspiration behind A New Song is simply this: "None of us know when King Jesus is coming to get us. While we’re still here, we have the opportunity to inspire as many souls as we can, so that they might be saved and reconciled with our God. We may be young, but we can already glorify God. We may be inexperienced, but we have fire inside us. There is something we can do. We can sing Him a new song. Not all of us are exactly singers (some of us sing like ducks being trodden on), yet there is something we can do: we can write. And we know there are many of us out there, young people burning for their King, seeking to glorify Him through the written word and the narrative. Jesus Himself told parables, small stories that helped to illustrate mighty themes. Stories as short as that of the Good Shepherd and the prodigal son are still powerful enough to break hearts open. Perhaps our fiction can be strong enough to touch them."

So check it out! The submission deadline is April 1, 2015, so you do still have enough time to put something together. And the suggested story length is 4500 words or less--easy peasy! You can submit your story here: https://anewsonganthology.wordpress.com/submit-your-story/ And be sure to spread the word in any way you can.

--E. C. Jaeger


  1. This is an awesome idea! :O I hope you all get many, many submissions to bring God glory with a new song. (I love that. :O) If it's fine by you all, I'd love to promote this on my own blog. Not that my audience is huge or anything, but I think some of the Christian teens I follow and follow me back might be interested in this. Let me know if you would be alright with it and I will see if I can make up a button or something for my sidebar. If not, I still support you whole-heartedly and will be praying for this project. :)
    -Morning Kay

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    2. Yes! Please do! :D We need to get it out there as much as we can. And thank you for your prayers and support. :D

    3. Absolutely! :D I'll try to get the button up as soon as I can! ^-^