Mar 18, 2015

Judge A Book By Its... Cover!

This is part two of my "Judge A Book By Its..." series, in which I talk about book covers. You can find the first post here. In the first post, I talked about first lines, and I did a bit of critiquing, but because I am by no means an artist (and don't have the knowledge whatsoever to critique covers), in this post I'll just be talking about covers I love, in list form of course! :D

Note that I haven't read any of the books on this list save Code Name Verity, and I'm currently reading The Last Time We Say Goodbye. This is solely based on covers that look awesome!

1.) Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

I absolutely adore this cover! And, yes, I realize this one might be a bit biased, since I have read (and loved!) the book, but whatever. :P This cover portrays a central them to story- friendship, and I love how it binds the two hands together, considering the narrator of the story is telling the story from a Nazi prison. That might be kind of vague, and it doesn't completely convey why I love this cover, but I don't want to say too much since this book can be very easily spoiled. 

2.) Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I'm not a big fan of most covers that just have a model on them, which I'm sure you'll see in the rest of this list. I don't really know why I love this cover, other than, of course, its simplicity. *shrug* 

3.) The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

*giant GASP* Just now, looking at this cover to determine why I love it, I remembered something Cait @ Paper Fury said about this cover. She said that the sticky note meant something once you read the book, and even though I'm only about halfway through the book, I GET IT!!!!! But, anyways, I'm not going to explain any further than that, so you'll just have to read the book to find out what I'm talking about. Mwahahahaha! XD 

4.) What Lies Between by Charlena Miller

I know absolutely NOTHING about this book, but when I was looking through books to see covers that stood out to me, this one stood out to me. I almost glossed over it, but I JUST LOVE THIS COVER. Maybe it's because it's more of an illustration than a photograph, like most novels, or maybe it's because of the colorful letters on the dark blue background, but there's something about this cover that stands out to me. 

5.) All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Again, I don't really know much about this book, but here we go again with the simplistic covers. I love the simplistic, almost sort of mathematical layout (did that make sense? I don't think it did, but it makes sense in my head. XD). 

6.) Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

I really want to travel the world, so this cover clearly stands out to me. Also, I love the colors of the letters, and the font. I also love how "Love", "Hope", and "Loss" are used as city names.

7.) My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

Again, I love the font style on this cover. Also, we're back to simplicity. I love the simplicity and the color scheme of it as well. 

8.) A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

The colors in this cover are fantastic! I love how the top half is blues and grays while the bottom half is pinks and purples. Also, I love how it shows the skylines of two different cities as reflections of each other. I also love the way the colors splotch out on the top and the bottom. (Again, does that make sense? XD) 

9.) Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

First of all, I just adore the artistic style of this entire cover. I love how it looks kind of like watercolor, and how it's clearly an illustration (compared to a photograph). It's not perfect or precise, but it just looks amazing. I love that. I also love the sort of messy blue "rainfall" on the umbrella and how the girl's face is partially covered by the umbrella. I just love this entire cover. 

And I know nine isn't an even number, but I'm going to stop there. :-)

Alright, one thing that I've determined while writing this post is that I am by no means an art critic. I have trouble even putting my finger on why I like certain covers. O_o Well, I tried. *shrugs*

So, now it's your turn. What are some of your favorite covers? Do you agree/disagree with me on any of the covers I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

~Katheline Hansen


  1. Wonderful collection of covers! I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the cover really is the reader's first impression of the book, so it has to be good.
    I think my favorite cover shown was for A Thousand Pieces of You. I haven't read the book, but that cover is so pretty!

    1. Exactly! It's so hard not to judge books by their covers, and I'll admit- I'm completely guilty of it!
      I know, right?! I love that cover! It's gorgeous! =D Thanks for commenting! :D


  2. I have to disagree with you lol :D I think my favorite covers are real pictures with models dressed up as the main character and some sort of scenery in the background. I love rain so I think out of the covers you showed I like Made You Up.

    1. *gasp* HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE WITH ME?!?! Lol Just kidding! XD Disagreement is good, and I totally get what you mean. Some of the covers with models as the main character are super awesome! Like, the cover of The Winner's Crime. That one looks amazing, but anyways... Thanks for commenting! :D


    2. I personally prefer covers like those in this blog post over covers with models pictured as the main character. The model so rarely looks like what I imagine the character to look like, ya know? But to each their own!

    3. See?! Katie agrees with me! Ha! Lol, I'm just kidding. XD But thanks for stopping by, Katie! :D


  3. Oooh, a book cover debate, huh? Awesome. I love looking at (and sometimes designing) book covers...
    I have been waiting to read A Thousand Pieces of You just because of its cover, which, like, never is my reason for wanting to read a book. So obviously I LOVE that cover. :D
    I agree with you, Katheline, on all these covers. They're all beautiful pieces of art.
    But I also agree with Eliza. I like covers with models on them too.
    And I also agree with Katie, that I don't like covers with models because they never look like the character.
    There. Peace = made. XD
    Seriously though, everyone has great points. :D The one thing about the models on covers thing is, I don't pick up books with such covers very often, because most of the time it seems like they are bordering on inappropriate in some way or other. Or if not inappropriate, at least eyebrow-raising. Which I suppose makes them particularly good covers, since they're attention-grabbers, but I get self-conscious about people being nosy about what I'm reading haha and I like more inconspicuous covers. XD

    1. Oh snap, I was signed into the wrong account when I posted. XD The above comment (and this one!) is by E.C. Jaeger (elsewhere known as Flame).