May 25, 2015

"The moment there is nothing to be said, Your Highness, I promise I will not say it" In other announcement.

Hello Dear Readers,

As you can see, our Blog has not been very active lately, but that's only because we-being teenagers-have had a lot on our plates lately. School work, college stuff...the list is on going. But, I am here to tell you that the Shadow Dwellers (as we've come to call ourselves) will be able to resume Blogging soon. So please just bare with us. :)

Also, we are pleased to announce that we are adding four New Bloggers to our group, and they will be making their appearances very shortly. We are looking forward to working with them, and hopefully you are excited to read what they have to say!

So please keep checking in, we have not abandoned you altogether, because, like Reepicheep, we have far too much we still need to say. :D

~Ria Faith

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