Jun 1, 2015


Alright dear readers, I am pleased to announce that today is the day you get to meet our new band of Bloggers!! We are very happy to add Alyssa, Ashlyn Peters, Remi and Ember to the Shadow Dwellers. It'll be great to work with them and we hope you enjoy 'hearing' what they have to say. :)
If you were any character from any book, who would you be?

If I were any character from any book I would most likely be Rudy Steiner from The Book Thief. A girl Rudy, if possible. I relate to his thought process and the way he reacts to things every time I read it. =P

If you could live in any book’s world, which would you choose?

Hmm... not a dystopian, that's for sure... probably one of Jane Austen's novels. I've always loved the idea of Regency-period England.

Favorite genre to write in?

I don't have a favorite genre to write in, but all of my ideas seem to evolve into some sort of Science Fiction.

Favorite writing snack?

Whatever is lying around. Haha. Does that work? *guiltily whispers* Usually some kind of chocolate.

Plotter? Pantser? Or Plantser?

Definitely a plotter. I write detailed outlines for EVERYTHING.

What is your favorite kind of character?

I like the smart ones. And the sweet ones. And the quiet ones. Rephrase that: I love the smart, sweet, quiet ones. Probably because their silence speaks to me and their sweetness and intelligence inspire me. =)

Favorite book?
My favorite book is Phoenix Rising by Karen Hesse

What do you want someone to think or say when they finish the last page of your novel?

My goal for when someone finishes my books is for them to understood on some deeper level. I try to make my characters the kind that speak to people, and I can only hope that I succeed in that. =)
If you were any character from any book, who would you be?
Ooh wow that's tough. I'd probably be Celia Fincastle from the Celia's Journey series.
If you could live in any book’s world, which would you choose?
Harry Potter, hands down. That would be so cool!
Favorite genre to write in?
I've actually never written anything besides fantasy, so I suppose fantasy.
Favorite writing snack?
Goldfish EXTREME cheddar blasted
Plotter? Pantser? Or Plantser?
Plotter, definitely. I like to lay out my whole story and make points where a certain scene happens before I actually write something.
What is your favorite kind of character?
I really like those characters where you don't quite know whether they are good or bad. I think it's really interesting to see how the character develops as the story goes on.
Favorite book?
Handpicked, by Melissa Gunther
What do you want someone to think or say when they finish the last page of your novel?
"Wow, that was cool. I wish I was in this book."

Ooooh... that's a hard one, if I were a character in any book, who would I be. Well, I think I'd be Ayla from The Ninan. She's strong and smart and deep and just all around awesome.
If I could live in a book world, I'd live in Middle-Earth. Hands down! Next question!
My favorite genre to write in... hmm... Probably Fantasy cause I love to create my own worlds and races.
My favorite writing snack is... *drum roll* Doritos! Amazing food.
I am a Panster all the way. Like, planning does not work for me... at all.
My favorite kind of characters are the closed off ones with tons and tons of layers. They're so much fun to write and read about because you want to help them. They're mysterious and since I'm nosy, I'm drawn to that cause I want to figure them out, get beneath their mask.
My favorite book, hands down, is Lord of the Rings! Followed by Narnia, Alex Rider, and the Mysterious Benedict Society!
I want someone to be crying when they read the last page of my novel, but I want them to be grinning through the tears. Because even though it has a sad ending, it was a fun journey, and things aren't always as they seem, also I promised a sequel.
-Ashlyn Peters

1. Lucy from chronicles of Narnia
2. Neverland from Peter Pan
3. Sci-fi or fantasy
4. Nutella and coffee
5. Pantser
6. The sarcastic protagonist, or the charmingly evil Antagonist
7. The Bible. But after that, Oi, uhhhh maybe......Peter pan? possibly. But then there's Narnia, and a Tale of Desparaux. Ugh, There's so manyyyy
8. At this point, they should be sobbing incoherently (hopefully at least) but after the initial shock has worn off I would hope they'd look back and think that it was beautiful.

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