Jul 10, 2015

Five Reasons Why I Hate My Villains and the One Reason I Love Them

1. They are annoying.
Seriously, have you ever had a villain in your head? They are the most annoying creatures on this planet. And that’s saying quite a lot for me, since I have three brothers under the age of 10.  Always talking about how they’re gonna rule the world and be so epic and you roll your eyes and think, “Yea, right…”
2. They hurt your favorite character(s).
They do. It’s true! Whether mentally or physically. And I really like my main characters so it makes me mad when people mess with them. (All of you non writers will be giving me weird looks right about… now. The authors will understand.) I know I write the book, but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about my villains being evil.
3. You are always wanting to conform them.
Let’s face it, we authors write awesome villains. And they would be totally awesome as a hero but then… there’s no villain! The story has no point. So you can’t conform them, so instead, you go and write a long sad poem about how he/she will never be a hero.
4. They’re braggy, proud, and have the hugest egos.
Villains like to talk about their egos quite often. It’s annoying. They are convinced they will win and when they don’t, oh boy... You have an angry braggart on your hands, and believe me, that is not fun.
5. They break your heart.
Now, if you can write a borderline villain, that’s almost there, almost being a hero, then you are a brave, brave author and I commend you for your work. But, with a borderline villain, comes some sadness, because of reason number 3 above. You can’t conform them. So yea, your heart is saddened because of this borderline villain.
And the one reason I love my villains is…
1. Even though they are evil, maniacal, proud, and annoying, they are my villains.
  Yes, my villains are bad, but I love them anyway. I made them, so I kinda have to like them, because they belong to me. You don’t dis my villains, because even though they are bad, they are really good at being bad. ‘Nuff said!

~Ashlyn Peters


  1. My newest WIP has more of an internal conflict and not necessarily a villain. But the closest to a villain ends up the heroine ^_^

    1. Awesome! Love it when that happens ^.^ I normally have a good/bad struggle in mine, guess that's just the way the turn out...

      ~Ashlyn Peters