Jul 13, 2015

Why You Need Brainstorming Buddies

Brainstorming is one of my favorite parts of the writing process. You're still completely in love with the idea. Chances are, doubts haven't yet crept into your mind about how good of an idea it actually is. You haven't grown tired of it yet. You're just starting out.

Here is where you get to explore all the fun facets of the world you're creating. You get to know the characters a little bit, play around with some of the plot. Here is where you can walk circles around your house, talking to yourself, and it's okay (please tell me I'm not the only one who does that XD). I love this part of the process!

But what makes it even better is when you have a brainstorming buddy to help you through it. I've been fortunate enough to have a couple of those over the past couple years, and the past week or so I've been chatting with two of them to help me get started on this new shiny idea I have.

So, I'm going to make a list of the benefits of having a wonderful brainstorming buddy (or two!).

The Questions

This is probably one of the most helpful parts of having a brainstorming session with someone else. They ask questions that make you think about things that maybe you hadn't thought about before. They point out potential holes that you wouldn't have seen on your own.

The Different Point of View

Because this person isn't you, they bring something else to the table: a different perspective. This can help bring fresh ideas that could potentially enhance your story. They look at things differently, so they can point out things that you wouldn't have thought of.

The Fresh Ideas

Sometimes, when you're brainstorming with someone, they can offer up suggestions for ideas. Even if you don't use these exact ideas, most of the time, they'll at least trigger spin-off ideas, and one of those spin-offs might be the idea that fuels your story.

The Listening Ears

Sometimes, it's just nice to be able to talk to someone about your idea. Sometimes, as you describe everything to them, you'll notice plot holes yourself, or maybe new ideas will spark just as you're telling them about what you have so far. For me, this is another incredibly helpful part of having brainstorming buddies: just having someone to listen.

So, if you're currently brainstorming for a new idea, I challenge you to find some people who will let you bounce ideas off of them if you don't have friends like that already. And be sure you return the favor!

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